Leipzig / 16. Oktober / Call For Action > Call for antifascist Protest

With several demonstrations nazis want to march through Leipzig at 16th of October. The brown spectacle is under the slogan „Right to future“. The nazis want to make up for what did not work last year. On the 17th of October 2009 more than 1300 nazis were pinned in the east of Leipzig. They were sourrounded by police and trapped by several blockades. These where, thanks to more than 3000 protestors, completely successful.

Now we are confrontated with a similiar scenario by the nazis – and we consider everything neccessary to stop them again.

With their marches the nazis try to provide their propaganda to the streets. The parts of the city the nazis want to march through would get a no-go-area for alle the people who do not fit to the nazis misanthropic idea of society.

We – the antifa-alliance roter oktober (red october) – call all progressive-minded people to go on the streets on the 16th of october against all kinds of rascism, antisemitism and nationalism – and to prevent all nazis from marching anywhere!

How could this work?
1. Get up-to-date information from the antifa-alliance red october at http://1610.blogsport.de
2. Tell your friends! Talk about what are you going to to at this day!
3. Get connected and advertise: oral, via internet and everywhere!
4. Get information right before the 16th! On the 16th: Use the information infrastructure (WAP-Ticker for your mobile, Infophone, Radio Blau)
5. On the 16th: Get up you ass! Go on the streets and prevent the nazis from marching!